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Commence the NFL Boycott

I don’t know about you, but I like to take advantage of a day on the links to demonstrate my team loyalties and fly my team’s colors. I have polo shirts and hats for most of my favorite teams. I’m a huge football fan, so it’s frequently either the Crimson and Cream of OU or the Orange and Aqua of the Miami Dolphins.

As a fan of the NFL, this strike/lockout debacle is really starting to piss me off. I needed new head covers, and for me the decision was easy: NOT the NFL.

Instead I picked up these sharp Sooner covers.

Keep’em in the short stuff.


>Bridgestone Ball Chat

>I decided to go about finding a lower price ball to be my standard ball rather than the tour-level V1 and 330 permutations I’ve been abusing over the last year or two. I decided to give Bridgestone’s online ball fitting a try. Big surprise, it came up with the most expensive ball they make.

So I poked around to see if there was any further information about which of their e-series balls, (at the lower price point) might be a good fit for me, but there was none.

Then I noticed their site offering to chat real time with a representative. Having used these types of services before, I was sceptical but I gave it a shot.

Lo and behold, I got a very prompt response, and got to have a very in-depth conversation with a staffer who clearly knows quite a bit about what makes golf balls behave a certain way and about their products specifically. “Seamless Jim” was friendly and funny (meaning he got my obscure references), and he got me exactly the information I wanted. He even answered my generic questions about ball terminology.

(No, you won’t get to chat with Adrienne Ferreira on the Bridgestone site. I just know I won’t find a better excuse to include a picture of the letter-reading hottie from their commercials in my blog)

At the end of the conversation the site offered to send me a transcript of the chat to my email box for my records, which is a nice service.
I highly recommend you give this service a shot if you’d like to have a candid conversation about ball technology. It’s like having a product specialst at your beck and call.
Keep’em in the short stuff.
P.S. Do NOT Google “Ball” and “Chat”. There’s really no telling what kind of a site you’ll land on.

>Product Review – Kentwool Socks


If there’s technology in socks then clearly there’s going to be technology in everything related to golf. Kentwool was founded with the intent to “create the world’s best golf sock. The innovative result is a one-of-a-kind performance product that delivers an unexpected edge for serious golfers.”

Kentwool socks are worn by Bubba Watson and Jonathan Byrd on the PGA Tour and Jenny Gleason and Kristy McPherson on the LPGA Tour, among other professional golfers.


Kentwool’s socks are made of high grade “superfine” wool, which they spin themselves and combine with both natural and synthetic materials to get the properties they seek.

The Socks I tested were very low, which I like, and they also make a regular crew height model as well. They have extra padding in the heel and toes for increased comfort.


I did two tests with my socks, and I ran them through the wash a handful of times inbetween (in order to avoid the naturally good feeling of any new sock compared to what’s in my golf drawer).

When I opened my package my first thought was that there was no way these socks (their XL size) would fit my size 14 loaves, but I was wrong. The fabric is very flexible, and the socks fit snugly on my feet.

The first time I wore them I played 18 in near-100 degree temperatures. In my second test I wore them for several hours at the range, again in very warm temperatures.

Although the Kentwool socks feel thick on your foot they’re very cool to wear, every bit so as any other sock I’ve worn.

The padding make the sock feel very comfortable, and it helps to secure the shoe on your foot as well. It feels like your foot is molded into the shoe.

After several washes my socks looked a little fuzzy, but their soft feel and flexibility were retained.