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Interesting Masters Groupings

It’s always fun to figure out what kind of logic went into a Major Tournament tee time schedule. The USGA is reknown for their vaguely offensive All-Scandinavian and All-Asian pairings. Most other tournaments take a somewhat less brazen approach.

Here are the groupings I will be paying most attention to:

8:45 AM – Scott, Van Pelt, and Kaymer. Excellent ball strikers and scorers. I’m still waiting for BVP to have that break through season.

9:18 AM – Stanley, Day, Haas. Crazy talents, and extraordinary personalities.

10:13 AM – Woodland, Stenson, Quiros. Closest thing to a 1,000 yard pairing this year. Woods and Alvaro are the kinds of drivers of the ball that can do very well at this course.

10:36 am – Woods, Jimenez, Bae. It will be fun watching Tiger play with the Most Interesting Golfer In The World.

1:42 PM – Cabrera, McIlroy, Watson. One former winner. One former epic loser. One guy who hits the ball further than anyone else.

1:53 PM – Mickelson, Mahan, Hanson. Hunter is playing as well as anyone else this year, and Phil’s had some flashes as well.

Keep’em in the short stuff.


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