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Reflections on Firestone

There are a couple of impressions that have stuck with from last week’s WGC tournament at Firestone in Ohio. Some of the most talented and colorful players in the game was playing some spectacular golf. One highlight followed the next one. At one point there were six players tied for the lead, and about 15 within a stroke or two of the lead.

Ryo Ishikawa and Rickie Fowler, two of golf’s brightest young stars, were wying for their first PGA Tour victory. Jason Day continued his red-hot play most of the year and Adam Scott was riding Tiger’s old bagman. Talented rookie Keegan Bradley was right in the mix again, as was world #1 Luke Donald.

In the end it was Scott who pulled away on Sunday for an impressive victory.

But, let’s talk about this course for a bit. It’s very highly thought of, and even this week the commentators continued praising the course. I for one just don’t get it.

They say the course is difficult, but the winning score was -17, and thirteen players were at -8 or better.

And to me it’s a very boring course to look at. It looks boring from the blimp, and it looks boring from the towers. Most of the holes are straight and lined with trees on either side. Most of the holes go straight north or south. There’s very little water, and some of what water there is usually has to be navigated with a Sand Wedge in their hand on that boring behemoth of an 16:th hole. There is no sand or water coming across the fairway at any point.

I mean, take a look at it:

The fairways just sort of lay there like somewhat phallic elongated balloons, waiting for some clown to come around to turn them into a green elephant on a bicycle.

The only thing about the course that came even close to interesting is a couple of holes that have a bunker right in the middle of the front of the green, very similar to the bunker at the Road Hole at St. Andrews. But really, that’s it.

Could someone tell me what I’m missing here?

Keep’em in the short stuff.


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