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Hot Weather Golf Tip – Wear a Rain Glove

It’s July in Dallas. We’re looking at weeks on end with temps in the hundreds. Other places have wicked humidity along with the heat.

At times like this it becomes increasingly challenging to keep a good grip on a golf club. It’s tough enough to stay hydrated and upright without having to worry about the club slipping out of your hands.

I’ve found that on really hot and humid days your best bet for getting a grip is to wear a rain glove. They’re usually not lined, like the cold weather gloves, but they’re specifically designed for providing grip in wet circumstances. I usually keep them on for putting and everything. If the environment is particularly severe I’ve been known to wear two rain gloves, to help with my right hand grip as well.

Plus, you’ll look like a Bad Ass with the black gloves on.

Keep’em in the short stuff.


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