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Digging On Oostie

Louis Oosthuizen is quickly becoming one of my favorite golfers. I have been watching him for about two and a half years now (since we first got a puppy and someone – me – had to get up very early on weekend mornings to let her out and there was nothing else on TV but the European Tour), and I’m very happy to see the success he’s had. His talent level was obvious, but now we’re getting to know his personality a bit as well.

He’s got that gap in the front of his mouth that looks like a Tom Watson/Alfred E Neuman/David Letterman remix, but you see it a lot because it seems he’s always smiling, both on and off the course.

I loved seeing him with his wife and young daughter at the Par 3 contest at the Masters. His daughter wore “OOSTY” on her back, because she’s too small for the whole long last name to fit on her onesie.

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images North America)

And now he’s playing the week before The Open, where he’s the defending champion, because he wanted to make a pilgrimage of sorts to the John Deere plant. His manager said he had to take Louis’ credit cards away from him or he would spend way too much money shopping for his farm back in South Africa. In the interviews about it he’s been funny and self-effacing, and coming across as a really cool guy.

He’s got a great swing and actual personality. What’s there not to like?

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