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Glorious Rory

Every ten or fifteen years or so the game of golf blesses us with a tournament and a performance that’s so absolutely perfect and magnificent that it glitters above even all the other gems we get to enjoy on a week to week and year to year basis. It was Jack in ’86. Then it was Tiger in 2000. Now we get to add Rory in 2011 to the list.

(Picture by Andrew Reddington/Getty Images)

It’s been since Tiger at Pebble Beach in 2000 that a runaway victory was this spellbinding. I for one watched every minute of it. The talk on the radio and on the web started after his round on Thursday. “Can he hold on?” “McIlchoke”, they called him. Then he did it again on Friday, and it became even more interesting as his lead grew.

Towards the end of his Friday round I made a bet with a friend of mine. I took Rory, and she took the field. The wager was food and drinks at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Rory immediately went out and double-bogeyed 18, and I had a momentary sinking feeling. It’s that feeling you get when for once you don’t wear your favorite team jersey to watch a game, and they go out and start disastrous.

But the rest is history. He played a gutsy, sharp, and rock solid 36 holes of golf and never once looked frazzled. His iron play in particular was tremendous, but there’s no doubt his game is complete.

Congrats to Rory and his family on a great victory. It’s been a long time since we had a first time major champion that was this popular.

Keep’em in the short stuff.

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