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Rory’s Laser Irons

A lot will be written about this year’s US Open, regardless of whether Rory goes on to win by 12, whether he barely hangs on, or if he somehow manages to lose this lead. I’m sure I’ll put my two cents into it as well.

But before that I need to touch on a string of holes that Rory played today that was particularly impressive. He bogied 10, and with eight more holes to play this was the time that he needed to come back to the field if it was going to happen today.

Instead, he proceeded to hit four of the purest, straightest iron shots one can imagine on 11 through 14, to settle his round and launch him into Sunday with an eight shot lead. He played these four holes in two under, and I swear every one of his approach shots were no more than a foot off the line of the flag. Now, we don’t know where he was aiming, of course. Some of it may have been a bit of luck. But to absolutely cover the flagstick again and again like that, in a critical and difficult stretch of golf, says a lot about his swing, his confidence, and his mental state.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s round. Regardless of what’s going to happen, I will be riveted to the screen.

Keep’em in the short stuff.


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