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My Golf Game

>A Four Dollar Ball Cost Me Four Weeks

>So I was out playing golf with a good friend from The Golf Space about a month ago. We were having a great day, when we got to the tenth hole.

I faded my drive into someone’s yard at the side of the course. The ball was almost close enough to reach with my driver, but not quite. I’m on my tippy toes and full finger reach, leaning over the steel fence between their yard and the course. STILL can’t quite reach the ball. So I sort of thrust myself forward and up, and finally that buys me the extra fraction of an inch I needed to knock the ball in the right direction.

My chest smarts a bit, but I give it a rub and go on, and don’t think much of it. I don’t, that is, until the next time I try to swing the club. It is VERY painful, both on the backswing and on the downswing. I grin and bear it for about another four holes, but in the end I had to walk off the course.

I get home and put a lot of ice on it and take a handful of Nuprin. By now I realize it’s not my stomach muscles that’s hurt, it’s my lower right side rib.

Three days go by, and it doesn’t get any better, so I decide to go to the doctor. It’s fractured. It’s friggin’ fractured. Four to six weeks of recovery.

I’m now at about four and a half weeks, and I finally was able to swing a golf club a few days ago. It’s not pain free, but at least I was able to hit a few balls without grimacing in pain.

I’m SO getting a ball retriever.


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