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>The 1,000 Yard Group

>Day 1 of the Masters is in the books, and the lasting impression that’s going to stay with me is watching the group of Quiros, Woodland, and Vegas play the back nine Thursday afternoon.

Their distance is legendary, and I’m sure there were more than one hole where their combined drives measured 1,000 yards, but all of these mad bombers have a lot more depth to themselves and to their game.

Firstly, all three of them have won tournaments this year, so clearly their golf games are more complete than you may think. Vegas hit a tricky curling putt for eagle on 15, and then almost made another rainbow on 16. Woodland absolutely stuck iron shots on both 16 and 18 to where he just had a tap-in for birdie. My buddy John made the comment that Quiros’ tree-shot on 14 looked like something we would do, but it’s very unlikely that we would have gotten away with just a bogey like Alvaro did, sinking a key 20-footer to limit the damage.

Then there’s the way they played; talking the whole time, joking and laughing and taking their Body English and Body Spanish to new heights with every shot. The crowd really seemed to connect with them.

Of course, it’s easy to have fun on the golf course when you’re playing well, and they were definitely doing that. The three of them played the last six holes a combined twelve shots under par. Woodland alone was six under for his last six holes, and Quiros is obviously in the lead.

Credit also needs to go to the course. This is part of what’s magical about the Masters tournament, and about Augusta: While it’s extremely challenging, a player who gets hot has the opportunity to make up a LOT of ground at the very end of the tournament.

This is going to be fun.

Keep’em in the short stuff.


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