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>Interesting pairings

>Other than the majors and a few other tournaments, this week’s event is one of my absolute favorites of the PGA Tour season. I play a lot of Match Play in my personal outings, and this particular format is such a big part of the game’s history as well.

Here are some of the pairings I will keep a particularly close eye on as things get underway:

  • Poulter (3) vs Cink (14) – Battle of the former and current Twitter champion on tour.
  • Oosthuizen (5) vs. Van Pelt (12) – A couple of talented young ballstrikers. Watch for Van Pelt to have a breakout year this year.
  • Westwood (1) vs. Stenson (16) – Henrik may be as good a #16 as there has ever been in this event. Look for this one to go down to the wire, with gin-breath edging the herring-head.
  • Watney (8) vs. Kim (9) – I hope AK is healthy. Watney regressed a bit last year, but the talent is there.
  • Woods (1) vs. Bjorn (16) – It’s Tiger. Of course we have to watch.
  • Watson (5) vs. Haas (12) – Talk about contrasting styles of play. Who will win, the tortoise or the hare?
  • Ogilvy (8) vs. Harrington (9) – The only battle between former major winners. Geoff is playing better right now. The verdict is still out as to whether Paddy will recover from his tinkering.

Keep’em in the short stuff.

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