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>Bummer Summer

>One of the first new terms I learned when I first came to this country as a 17-year old attending High School in Goddard, KS was “Bummer Summer”. I think my buddy Alan was referring to someone who had to work all summer. Well, it’s been that kind of a summer for me. I won’t get into all the gory details, but it’s been a combination of kid stuff and work stuff. On the upside I’m very lucky to have my health and to have the love of my live by my side through these chellenging times.

I’ve still been watching a lot of golf, and practicing and playing a fair amount as well. I just haven’t had the peace of mind to sit down and write about it. I’m making an effort to get back into it, as I realize that it’s as good for my mind to write as it is for my body to exercise.

I’m hoping to be able to catch up with assorted commentaries over the next couple of days. I have enjoyed some of the great play I’ve seen on tour over the last month and a half. I have also enjoyed some of my best play personally in this time, and I have had some interesting swing revelations in my time on the range. In addition I have had the pleasure of reading a very significant golf book in this period, and I look forward to writing about all these things very shortly.

Right now it’s Monday afternoon, and I wish everyone a happy Labor Day. The Deutsche Bank is on from Nawton, Mass, and I will be tweeting as I watch the rest of this tournament.

I look forward to reconnecting with all my online golf friends.

Keep’em in the short stuff.


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