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>Robert Matre Golf Photography

>I think everyone is familiar with the term “Addition by subtraction”, but sometimes that phrase comes true in surprising situations.

Take the element of color in golf, for instance. To me, it’s a critical aspect of my visual enjoyment of golf. The green of the grass. The blue of the sky. The white of the ball. The blinding white of the all-too-inviting sand traps. Hell, even the red of Tiger’s polo on a Sunday afternoon. It’s all part of what makes me love this game so much, whether I’m playing or watching it on TV.

Consequently, the idea of B&W golf photography never held much appeal for me. What’s the point, right? Well, in my travels throughout the Twitterdom I’ve come across a photographer who’s forcing me to change my mind.
His name is Robert Matre, and his B&W photographs of all aspects of the game of golf are absolutely astounding. He does take color pictures as well, but it’s his B&W shots that appeal to me the most. Maybe it’s like reading a book instead of watching a movie, where your mind has to fill in the blanks, and that makes it more enjoyable.
Robert’s photographs are sometimes unconventional, at times quirky, occasionally challenging to the eye, but always interesting. His portfolio includes shots of top players at major tournaments, but also a casual visit to a local municipal driving range. His creative muse drives him to utilize all the equipment in his bag, from extreme wide angle lenses to the bazooka-like telephoto lenses we’re used to seeing around sporting events.
Robert’s photographs can be found at, and on twitter he’s He’s not only a great photographer, but a huge golf fan in general, and I highly recommend you check out his work.

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