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>No Work, No Haggis

>(Traditional Zen Story, paraphrased by Golfer In Kilt.)

Old Alister MacGregor had come over from Scotland, and he had been the Superintendant at The Dunes GC for more than half his eighty year long life. Though he’s now officially retired he still lived above the pro shop, and he still insisted on helping the ground staff around the course. Every single day , rain or shine, you’d see him out there weeding the sand traps, pruning the shrubs, or clearing the clippings off the green.

The rest of the staff felt sorry to see the old Super working so hard at his old age, but they knew he would not listen to their advise to stop. One day they all decided to take matters into their own hands, and they hid his tools from him.
That day Mr. MacGregor did not eat. The next day he didn’t eat, nor the next after that.
“Maybe he’s angry because we hid his tools,” the ground staff theorized. “we’d better give them back to him.”
The next day, old Mr. MacGregor was back working with them, side by side, and again eating all his meals as usual. After dinner that day he explained:
“No work, no Haggis.”

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