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>24 hours on Planet Twitter

>What can I say; I’m not exactly what you would call an early adopter when it comes to technology. I like it enough, but it’s just not that important to me to be on the bleeding edge. My TV is 15 years old. I still buy CDs rather than downloading. I love music, but don’t have an iPod. And, more to the point, I have worked in the IT field for over 20 years but before last year I had never ventured into the myspace/blog/twitter/facebook world. I’ve had my blog now for about a year, and it’s going pretty good, so last night I decided to take the next step and start tweeting.

Now, I’m not on Twitter because I want to tell the world I just burned a log, or had a beer, or saw something really exciting. My life is really not that interesting to anyone. I just want to see what the fuzz is all about, and if it can be a fun way to keep up with the people in and around the sport of golf.

I was intrigued by the ability to send commentary directly to the golf celebrities who are on this infrastructure. Got to say, it’s a LOT more fun than commenting on some article on Yahoo Sports.

I told Anna Rawson that if my buddy knew she did Yoga he’d be an even bigger fan than he already is. She replied and said she’s just getting into it. Cool. I told Ian Poulter to quit complaining about the weather in Orlando. He replied and said he knew, but that it’s really been rotten lately. Very cool. I asked Billy Horschel which Pings he plays, and he gave me the run of what’s in his bag. He plays a G10 driver, just like me. Coolness.

I sent various and sundry messages to people like Rickie Fowler and Christina Kim and John Rollins and Jason Sobel and Bubba Watson and Natalie Gulbis. John Daly is following ME (and 41,362 other close friends). Outside of golf I reached out and touched Eddie Izzard, Mythbusters, and The Ellen Show.

So far it’s been fun. Time will tell whether I stick with it or get bored. Eventually I will probably weed out the contributors who’s input I really don’t care about, and will settle on a few people I follow closely.


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