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>2009 Golf Turkey Of The Year Nominees


Tiger for pretending to care about promoting the sport of golf during the Playoffs, while never announcing where he’ll play until the very last minute all year, giving promoters as little time as possible to advertise.

Anthony Kim for wasting a year of his golf career. Every time he’d have a decent round he’d say “I’ve been working very hard for the past month”, but you know he hasn’t.

GolfChannel, for shining a spotlight on John Daly’s life, just as things were starting to come together for him.

The USGA for their stupid first round pairings in the US Open.

Any golf commentator who still claims that Tiger is rusty, even after six wins.

Carolyn Bivens, for setting the LPGA back 3 to 5 years.

Any golf fan who yells “Get in the whole”.

Golf Digest for their lame picks in their US Open Challenge.

Sergio for his comments after the Masters.

Politicians for grandstanding and disrupting golf tournaments.

Every stupid, lazy golf writer all year who just wrote about Tiger instead of covering the actual story.

Lefty, for … nevermind … he didn’t do a damned thing wrong all year.


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