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>Was there ever really any doubt?

>Wow. Tiger Woods won the FedEx Cup. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you.

(AP Photo / Dave Martin)
While he wasn’t as dominating as two years ago, the outcome definitely isn’t much of a surprise.
When they started talking about the design of this contest in 2007 there was much talk about making sure that a greater number of golfers were going to compete, and that it wasn’t just going to be an annual Tiger Woods Bonus Program. As it turns out the exact opposite is the case, and the FedEx cup is the only tournament where Tiger is more heavily favored than in a conventional 4-day tournament. Hear me out:
Tiger’s the best player on the planet; there isn’t much argument about that at this point. Even so, he doesn’t have the lowest score on every day he plays. He doesn’t even win every tournament he participates in (it just seems like it some time). But the longer you make the contest, the more likely it is that the cream rises to the top, and Tiger is victorious.
There’s little doubt in my mind that Tiger will win EVERY FedEx Cup he participates in. His domination will be so complete that when he retires they will just name it the Tiger Woods Trophy. It will be his legacy to golfers of future generations. They will all talk about “The trophy with Tiger’s name on it” the same way hockey players look at the names of greats of the past on the Stanley Cup.
So, the PGA Tour writes Tiger a check for $10 million every year. Given his contribution to the growth of the tour over the past 13 years, I think that’s fair. If anything it’s on the low side. I will refer to this competition as the TWBP until they officially put his name on it.
Congrats to Tiger for a well played victory, and a fantastic season. Congrats to Phil for ending the domestic season on a high. And congrats to the PGA Tour for putting together a very interesting and compelling playoff system.

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