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>Tiger stat of the week

>I’ve been on the “Tiger is the best ever” bandwagon for several months now, and this fire had more fuel added to it this weekend.

Tiger won number 71 this weekend, leaving the field in his proverbial dust. He’s now two wins away from catching Jack for second place on the all time win list.

(Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jeff Haynes)
They flashed a stastistic on the screen last Sunday that was pretty significant. Tiger won his 71:st tournament when he was 33 years old. Both Jack and Sam Snead were 42 when they won their 71:st.
That means Tiger is nine years ahead of their pace when it comes to wins. NINE years.
I think Tiger is focusing too much on winning majors. Even when you’re the best player in the world, which he clearly is, a LOT of things have to happen just the right way for you to win one of these four tournament. A quick look at the four winners will reveal just how random it can be. I think Yen is the only major winner with another win this year. Tiger’s won more tournaments than the four of them combined.

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