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>My First Bridgestone Experience

>Tony was absolutely raving about playing the Bridgestone 330 balls a few months ago, so I thought I’d give them a shot myself. Keep in mind that my shot-making and ball-striking is a lot more inconsistent than Tony’s, so I won’t be able to provide an exact impact on my game, but here are my thoughts after playing it once:

Firstly, I played the 330-S ball. I’m a roughly-20 handicap, and my swing-speed is about 105 with a 7-iron. Distance wise I would say I hit an 8-iron approximately 150 yards. Traditionally I’ve played Pinnacle, and recently I’ve been playing the Pro-V1x.

Initially I got the impression that I had a lot more spin than normal even on very short chips and pitches. I noticed this even on the pitching green before the round, which was shots of no more than 15 yards off the green.
My second impression was that of seeing my iron shots fly 10-15 yards over the green. I would say I had significantly more distance on all irons.
On this particular course I don’t get to hit driver until the 4:th hole, and I felt like the ball went further than I expected based on the kind of contact and swing I put on the shot. I had at least 3 300+ yard drives into a slight headwind.
In short, until proven otherwise, I have a new favorite ball. I just have to re-calibrate how far I hit my irons.

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One thought on “>My First Bridgestone Experience

  1. >On two occasions, I saw you hit that ball 165-170 yards with an 8 iron. Your drives were much straighter but don't know if that was the ball or your game improving. Nice round that day. Hopefully, next time the greens won't have so much sand on them.

    Posted by BogeyJo | June 21, 2009, 3:28 PM

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