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>Ramblings From The US Open Rough


The weather report for Farmingdale, NY: Chance of rain every day, chance of thunder on Sunday, high temps in the upper 60s and lower 70s. 100% chance of rough.

(photo by Rusty Jarrett –

More evidence that karma works: JP Hayes, who DQ’d himself from Q-school for playing the wrong ball, made it through local and sectional qualifying rounds on the number each time. He’s in the first group to tee off at 7:00 AM on Thursday.

Nick Faldo was knighted by the queen, for “Significant contribution to the development of sarcasm and dry wit in the field of golf commentary” (presumably).

Golf quote of the week: “There’s something intrinsically therapeutic about choosing to spend your time in a wide, open parklike setting that nongolfers can never truly understand” – Charles Rosin

I’m making this point one more time: I think Lefty will play very well this week. He can’t tinker as much as he’s prone to do, and his innate talent and golf instincts are second to none.

Brian Gay is turning out to be one hell of a front-runner. I wonder if the fact that his game is focused more on accuracy and control allows him to maintain a peak of good play for a longer period. Few other players have put together a suite of four rounds this year like he did last week and at Hilton Head.

Lost in the hubbub of this year’s US Open Challenge event, with MJ, Big Ben, and Mr. Ball In A Box, is the fact that last year’s amateur winner passed away from lung cancer. John Atkinson was 40, and a lifelong non-smoker. Many good vibes to his friends and family.’s “expert” picks include Paddy (for some reason), Poulter (based on one strong performance at Birkdale last year), and Vijay (because “he should”). Is that the best and smartest they can come up with? I think these are some of the same writers that suffer from Tiger-itis and put out absolute shite whenever he’s not playing. To their overall credit, other more reasonable picks were Tiger, Phil, Strick, and Paul Casey.

Why are we still talking about David Duval?

Bethpage Black is listed at 7,426 yards in wet, cool conditions. That’s like an 8,500 yard course in Texas in the summer time.

All the best to Ken Green, who’s going through emotional and physical trauma of the most significant kind. The guy’s DOG even died, for crying out loud.

Love the fact that over 50% of the field in the US Open is available to players who are willing to play to qualify for it.

If Tiger’s able to keep it in the fairway he wins by at least four strokes.

That is all.


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