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>Seve Trophy Sell-out

>I think the French have a bit of a bum rap in this country, and not all of it is deserved, so I’m hesitant to even bring this bit of news to the forefront. In this instance, however, any French-bashing that ensues is fully deserved.

You may or may not be aware that there is a biennial competition which pits Great Britain and Ireland against continental Europe. Traditionally this contest has competed for the Seve Trophy. Short and sweet name, and a very personal sign of respect towards this great golfer.

Now, however, AP is reporting that starting this fall the contest will be called “Vivendi Trophy with Severiano Ballesteros” (Vivendi is a French media conglomerate.)

The guy is bravely fighting off brain cancer, just recently making his first public appearance after going through waves of chemo treatments, and you’re picking this time to sell out the contest that bears his name and giving him second billing? The decision was made by the European Tour, and I think it’s a very ill conceived idea in the first place, with abominable timing as to the announcement.


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