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>I LOVE my new driver

>I got the call from the proshop last Wednesday that my new Ping G10 driver was in. I was very excited to have it for last weekend’s round. I hit a few balls with it on Friday, and it felt every bit as good as I remembered from my fitting exercise.

Played 18 at a muni in McKinney yesterday, with two of three of my usual foursome (the fourth guy had some weak excuse like taking a cab home from the bar the night before, and his girlfriend locking the keys to her car inside his car, which was still at the bar). The course is almost empty, and it’s VERY windy (30-40 MPH).
I used it on all 14 long holes, and hit the fairway with half of them. When I connected it was very long. Even into the wind I would get 220-230 off the tee, and with the wind in my back I knocked one 390 straight down the gut of the fairway (my longest drive ever).
I played the Titleist ProV1x most of the time, and it really gave me a lot of pop. I tried a Pinnacle a few times, and didn’t feel the same dynamic energy out of it.
We’ve all heard the old adage that you “Drive for show, and putt for dough”, and I would probably still agree that’s true. But, if you don’t put the ball in play well off the tee you’re putting for double-bogey, and there’s very little dough in that. I was able to take 11 shots off my score from two weeks ago, and my driving was a big contributor to that.
I look forward to getting to know this club even better, and it will definitely provide a good foundation for my game going forward.

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