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>Underrated Tournament – Heritage at Hilton Head

>I don’t know about you, but I think this week’s PGA Tour stop is highly underrated. It’s in as gorgeous locale as any stop throughout the year, the weather is usually perfect, and the course is very unique. And there’s a friggin’ lighthouse at the end of the 18:th hole, how cool is that?

The course has one of the longest set of par 3 holes anywhere, ranging from 185 to 200 yards. There’s water in play on 12 holes, and several of the doglegs require a creatively tactical approach where precise control is far more significant than raw power.

Unless you have claustrophobic tendencies the course looks great. It’s the kind of a place that if nobody visited for two years you wouldn’t be able to find it again, because the growth all around it is so dense. My wife travels to South Carolina on business fairly regularly, and she reports a definite sense of semi-claustrophobic unease due to the vines and crawling vegetation that appears to be covering every bare surface.

On some holes it looks as if the fairway is going in a canopy under the towering trees on either side. I think Luke Skywalker had more daylight in the cave in “The Empire Strikes Back”. On other holes it looks like they started with a swamp, threw down some vertical boards and walls, and dug up on one side of the wall and built up on the other side to form a fairway or green.

The overall appearance is very dramatic, and it’s a good thing the weather usually cooperates. If they got a dark rainy day they’d have to cancel play due to a shortage of light … in the middle of the day.


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