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>Ramblings From The Rough (Masters Week)

> had a discussion a few weeks ago about what Tiger’s drink would be, given that an “Arnold Palmer” is lemonade and ice tea. My buddy Jo-Jo is way ahead of this, as he invented the “Skyy Of The Tiger” last year. On hot days, as we get many of in Dallas, Jo-Jo’s concoction of Skyy Vodka and TW Gatorade is very tasty. You rehydrate while you dehydrate.

There’s a record number of people in space at the same time ever right now, 13. With that many people, for such a long time, you just know someone’s done the nasty in space. Why are we not hearing about this?

In ’97 Tiger shot 40 on his first 9 at Augusta, then went 21 under par on the remaining 63 holes. That’s decent golf.

Congrats to Paul Casey on his win at Houston. He moved up from 12:th to sixth place in the world ranking. Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s odd that just one victory lets you pass five of the top 11 players in the world? I can see moving up to 16 from 22, but that big a move that high up in the table doesn’t ring true to me.

A BBC Commentator has gotten reprimanded for commenting on a jockey’s teeth after a big win: “Let’s see your teeth. He hasn’t got the best in the world but you can afford to go and get them done now.” This seems a little hyper-sensitive to me. I mean, if you’re standing next to a horse, and they notice YOUR teeth, you don’t really have too much to complain about, do you?

I may have to permanently boycott Rory in my fantasy team. He’s a Manchester United fan. But hey, some of my best friends are Manchester United fans.

Masters players I’ve never heard of: Ken Duke, Drew Kittleson, John Merrick, Jack Newman, Reinier Saxton, Lin Wen-Tang. All are first-timers, so I don’t feel so bad. “HELLO … Newman.”

In preparation for the Masters Jim Nantz is recording himself say “A Tradition Like No Other” again and again to make sure he’s doing it right, while Jimenez is smoking a stogie during the practice round. Who would you rather be?

Several golf club makers manufacture adjustable drivers (and looking at the price tag it’s obvious they’re VERY proud of them). Educate me please: How is altering the head to be open or closed 2 degrees different from just holding the club slightly open or closed? Having said that, being able to alter the loft is very cool.

I know there are some concerns about ESPN broadcasting the first two rounds of the Masters, the fear being that they, well, “ESPN” it too much. While that risk may well come to fruition, I do have to say that Andy North and Scott Van Pelt make a formidable booth. Andy in particular is probably my favorite golf color guy. He’s honest and insightful, and his commentary consistently adds value to whatever we’re watching.

I think it’s classic that Tiger felt it necessary to update his readers about his kids’ progress in golf: “Charlie has touched a club, but he can’t hold one yet. Sam didn’t grab a club until she was able to crawl. She’s still not swinging a club; she’d rather throw the ball.”

Is grey this year’s black on the golf course? Ben Hogan never knew what a trend-setter he was.

That is all.


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