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>Tiger’s putting, part 1

>So, I had this blog written today, called “What if?’, and it was a theoretical piece about what if Tiger would never regain his putting stroke. It was one of my better blogs, from a sheer writing point of view, with stirring paragraphs like:

“Doubting Tiger Woods on the golf course is like thinking maybe politicians won’t grand-stand every chance they get. It’s like thinking people will continue buying hybrids even if gas prices drop below a buck. It’s like believing a professional athlete when they say ‘It’s not about the money’. It’s like assuming someone’s going to let you onto the highway just because you’re ahead of him. It’s folly, madness, and sheer idiocy.”


“Putting is part alchemy, part abstract art, part athleticism, and part absolute luck. You can lose your stroke because you dabble too much, and you can lose it because you stick with an old method too long. You can lose it because you put on weight, or because you lose weight. You can lose it because you practice too much, or you can lose it because you don’t work on it enough. Basically, the list of potential causes is as long as the list of potential side-effects to the latest wonder-drug (You know, ‘Weight gain, weight loss, constipation, diarreah, etc. etc.’).”

I was quite proud of myself. In the end, I pulled it off the site less than a minute after I hit “Save and Close”. I could just see it:

  • Tiger really doesn’t regain his putting touch.
  • He finds out what I wrote.
  • He comes after me.
  • I make the claim that “It’s because of logic like this that I wrote it in the first place”.
  • He doesn’t get it, and hits me over the head with a seven-iron (you can always trust the seven).

I didn’t want to be “That Guy”, and to be quite honest it was a slightly mean-spirited piece, since I truly honestly believe Tiger will be better than ever, including his putting.

I guess it’s a fine line between chickening out and feeding the golf karma. I just hope I land on the right side of the white sticks more often than not.

Go get’em Tiger


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