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>Ramblings from the Rough (3/24)

>I was glad to see that American politicians don’t have a monopoly on a complete lack of common sense. Oz PGA organizers are already getting grief for paying Tiger $3,000,000 to play in November. Let’s just ignore the increased financial benefits for the tournament, and how much more money can be raised for charity with him in the tournament.

Am I the only one who finds it amusing that Ball State has a prominent women’s basketball program?

Damon Hack is a golf writer for and SI. Great name. If I make it big as a writer I’m going to go by the name Steven Shank. Of course, Damon is part of the unpoppular “It’s all about Tiger” crowd with his article headlined “Tiger Woods is close to finding victory once again” after day one of the CA Championship.

Is Michelle Wie trying to be the only golfer who plays fewer tournaments than Tiger Woods?

Liverpool is on a roll. After beating Real Madrid big a few weeks back they went on to beat Manchester United away 4-1, and then Aston Villa by a score of 5-0 last weekend. Good times to be wearing red.

The next time both Tiger and Phil are on the course at the same time will be The Masters. It’s going to be VERY interesting.

GREAT article and portrait of Ben Crenshaw on …,28136,1884413,00.html

If I heard correctly Goose was 62 for 64 on putts from inside 10 feet, including an astonishing 55 for 55 from inside five feet. Putting like that, on greens like that, is the kind of putting that wins majors.

Congrats to Annika Sorenstam on her pregnancy.

That is all.


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