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>BAH-ston (3/25)

>Took a long weekend and visited Boston, as The Missus was doing work up in that area earlier in the week and I’d never been there before.

Got a nice hotel right downtown, and ditched the car. Felt very much in touch with my Euro-trash roots. The weather was cold with highs around 40, but it was sunny and dry, so we couldn’t complain too much.

I don’t know if any of you watched the John Adams mini-series on HBO last year, but we really enjoyed it, and it was totally cool to now be able to walk around in the exact neighborhoods it took place in.

We walked every step of the Freedom Trail, with frequent breaks at a few of the innumerable Irish bars and Italian and seafood restaurants along the way. The seafood was good, but the Italian food was FANTASTIC, at both places we went to.

Our hotel was the Omni Parker House, which is very historic in its own right. They invented the Boston Cream Pie, and at one point Ho Chi Minh worked as a busboy there. The hotel bar, The Last Hurrah, was phenomenal for snacks, Martinis, and Scotch.

I didn’t even get too much grief for my Miami Dolphins sweatshirt. Not too much.

We checked out Harvard for a bit as well. We determined that the answer to the question “How does a dunce like me make it to Harvard?” is “Take the red line, dummy.”

Beer-wise I’m not a big Sam Adams fan, as I find most their stuff too hoppy (bitter) for my palate. Luckily most everyone had Guinness on tap. The other local brewery, Harpoon, is mostly known for their IPA, but on the last night there I ran across a Porter by them called Harpoon Dark that was very tasty.

All in all a great weekend. Spent all weekend quoting M*A*S*H: “All I can get out of him is that he’s from BAH-ston …”


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