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>Product Review: Tiger Shark putter grip

>If you look at putter grips in any reputable golf store, on line or on land, you will find quite a wide variety of sizes, styles, and technologies. You can get them big or small, shaped or round, with the USA flag on it, or the logo of your favorite sports team. The one we’re looking at today is made by Tiger Shark golf.

The Tiger Shark grip is oversized and roughly triangular (flat front for the thumbs, and a seam in the back). The idea is that with an oversized grip you won’t have to grip the club so tightly, and with the triangular grip you will have comfortable finger placements that provide consistent alignment of the club as well as resisting twisting in the stroke.

Bright colors and black. When handling the club, the grip almost invites you to grasp it.

On the course
My hands are big enough to where I can palm a basketball. Getting comfortable grips on my clubs are a consistent issue for me. I found that with these grips I’m able to control my putter without gripping it overly tight, and the non-circular shape added a lot of stability.

The Market
According to Tiger Shark they’ve sold more than a million grips over the past few years, so they’re clearly in demand. KJ Choi used one of their products when he took third at Riviera a few weeks back, and he’s used them for his last three PGA Tour victories. “It helps me to have my arms closely fit to my body.” Choi has said. “It takes the wrist action out so every putt feels more comfortable.”

If you have small hands you may not be comfortable using this grip, but I would still recommend looking into an irregularly shaped grip.

I feel like using this grip significantly improves my touch and consistency, by not making me squeeze the grip to hold on to it, and by keeping the putter aligned properly. The first thing I did with my new putter was to get a Tiger Shark grip put on it.

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