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>New Putter – Ray Cook Blade


My old putter was a 30 year old Anser wanna-be with the paint peeling. I’m sure I could have learned to use it well, but I didn’t love it.
I wanted a blade, since I felt I would be better able to develop touch on long putts if there was less weight in the head and I had to make more of an actual stroke on the ball. I found this Ray Cook Classic Plus 7 on eBay for $45, including shipping. It arrived today, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.
The lines are clean, the head is uncluttered, and the goose-neck is VERY sexy. It has brass inserts, so the sweet spot is reasonably large.
I started playing with it on the carpet at home tonight. It feels great. I can’t wait to take it out on the greens.
I will trim about an inch off the handle to accomodate my Crouching-Viking putting style. I will also put on one of those big fat triangular handles. I had one of those on my old putter, and loved being able to get a good grip on the putter without squeezing the handle.
I will call it “Boris”.

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