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>WGC Bracket (2/23/09)


Here are a few of the first round matchups that appeal the most to me:

  • Woods – Jones: Got to see if Tiger’s got all his claws back.
  • McIlroy – Oosthuizen: Two up-and-coming players, and both have been playing outstanding on the Euro tour in the Middle East. Rory’s won already, and Oostie has four top ten finishes.
  • Weir – Mahan: Two tremendously talented players whom nobody talks about.
  • NOTE: The winner of the latter two matches will meet, and the winner of THAT match moves on to the Tiger side of the same bracket. I’d love to see Tiger against McIlroy on Friday.
  • Garcia – Schwartzel: Charl is another young player who has played very well in the Middle East, and we need to see which Sergio is going to show up.
  • Karlsson – Hanson: It’s a pickled-herring-off. As Razor would say if Loui Eriksson pummels one of the Sedin twins into the boards: “There’s some Swede-on-Swede crime right there.” Word from the old country is that Hanson will be packing on the foil for this one.

I would have loved to see Danny Lee in this event. Looking forward to him turning pro after the Masters.


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