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>Are you ready for the World Golf Tour? (2009-01-23)

>Many factors are conspiring towards someone with a lot more money and clout than myself making a World Golf Tour reality.

Events in the US which were “Must play” events decades ago are nowadays spurned by the major players (See this week’s Bob Hope Bankruptcarmaker Classic, and the Byron Nelson and Colonial here in Dallas).

New events, usually at TPC courses around the country, are being elevated to near-major status (The Players Championship and FBR).

Top US-based pros are playing more and more tournaments in Europe and other parts of the world (Boo Weekley trying to find Chicken Fried Steak in Qatar).

Many US events are already a part of the European PGA schedule (Majors and near-majors).

Various schedules would have to be worked out, of course, but a schedule could look something like this:

  • January – Australia and Middle East (Dubai Desert Classic, Oz PGA).
  • February through early June – US (FBR, Pebble, World Golf Championships, Masters, TPC, US Open).
  • June through August – Europe (BMW International, British Open, Johnny Walker, Links).
  • September through October – US (PGA, Barclays).
  • November – Playoffs (FedEx Cup / Race for Dubai style, hosted alternatingly at courses around the world).
  • December – No WGT events.

I know I’ve left out many great tournaments. Not all would be able to make it, obviously. There would be a second-tier domestic tour on each continent which would include the World Golf Tour events in that area. Spots would be reserved in WGT events for players who played well on that continent’s second-tier tour.


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